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About us...

Welcome! This website is privately owned by happily married couple, Alex and Olga. Alex has been involved in computer programming for over 10 years and he has been doing it almost daily. Olga has been practicing design for many years. Love and passion for each other brought them to the alter, and later on, love and passion to their job united them into joint (mutual) creation: they started a business and named it “Panovs”. Alex & Olga proudly do their job, and they always look forward to improve the quality of their work. They pay attention even to the smallest details. Each of them brings his or her own ideas and visions to the table. During the intense discussion with customer they go though all the possibilities, analyze variety of options, and as a result, they come up with the most convenient, most reasonable and proper solutions to the particular case. Their goal, first of all, is to pay attention the customer’s needs, his requirements and wishes. They perfectly integrate with any team and do not experience any inconvenience in communication.

Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.